What to Wear in Hawaii in February

What to Wear in Hawaii in February


Figuring out what to wear in Hawaii in February can be a little challenging. The weather is obviously very warm but you have to factor in nights, rain and what types of activities you’ll be doing throughout the day. If you’re going to live at the beach each day, then you might just want to bring a bathing suit and a pair of denim shorts. In fact, that would be acceptable attire in almost every place you visit in Hawaii. But if you’re staying in a luxury resort or if you are going out to nicer dinners, then you might want to dress it up a notch. So here’s my list of what to wear in Hawaii or rather, what I wore in Hawaii :)

1. Swimsuit
If you have a two piece swim suit that can double up as a top, even better. My swimsuit top below kind of looks like a regular top so I wore it several times over denim shorts. You can still buy it through Amazon – here. Note how it comes in a variety of colors which is perfect for mixing and matching.

What to Wear in Hawaii in February

swimsuit top: Amazon || denim shorts: similar: Urban Outfitters

2. Dresses
If you’re planning on taking lots of photos, be sure to bring along your dresses, ALL your summer dresses. Urban Outfitters and Asos (sometimes labelled as beach dresses) both carry a great selection of dresses. I prefer sticking to 100% cotton dresses. They absorb your sweat and allow you to breathe in Hawaii’s hot summers. Also, I’d leave behind any super fancy dresses. Spend an hour in Hawaii and you’ll quickly realize that this is the most down-to-earth, casual place you may ever come across.

What to Wear in Hawaii in February

3. Skirts
Skirts are great to wear with the swimsuit tops I mentioned above or with summery off the shoulder tops. Super flowy, long and summery skirts are best. Denim skirts are great too, though I left mine behind this trip (I opted for denim shorts instead).

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4. Denim shorts
Apparently I went overboard with my denim shorts packing for this Hawaii trip. I brought 3 pairs, basically one in each color (black, white and blue). They’re probably one of my favorite things to pack to wear in Hawaii because they’re just so easy to throw on. And they are so comfortable!

What to Wear in Hawaii in February

Top: Free People || denim shorts: similar: Urban Outfitters

5. Summery tops
Light cotton tops are a must for wearing in Hawaii. I’m loving off the shoulder tops now and I have quite a few for summer wear. The top that is below (right) is perfect for the weather in Hawaii in February as it’s cotton, quarter length sleeved and is nice and flowy. This makes it great for cool nights and hot days. And it goes so well with a pair of denim shorts.

left: Revolve top (similar: Revolve) || right: Shopbop top (similar: Shopbop)

6. Sandals or summer sneakers
Don’t forget to pack a pair of flip flops, sandals and perhaps some summer sneakers. If you’re planning on doing some hiking, grab your hiking boots (and maybe some crampons). We own this pair of crampons (here) and brought them along since originally, our plan was to hike a few difficult trails. Sour weather changed our plans but we’re glad we own them for future hikes! I’d leave heels at home for this trip unless you’re attending a wedding or planning on dining in several super elegant restaurants. For the most part a pair of nice flat sandals is all you need!

What to Wear in Hawaii in February

top: Faithfull the Brand || sandals: Topshop

7. Denim jacket
I always make sure to pack my denim jacket anytime I’m traveling to an island. Denim jackets are great because they go well with all summer clothes and they give you just enough protection on a chilly evening. Nordstrom has one of the best denim jacket collections I have ever seen. Check it out here!


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  1. I love your swimsuit top! I’ve never seen one like that :) And you are right, cotton is best in Hawaii, allll the dresses are a must and it is a super casual place! When we lived there I kinda missed dressing up lol but felt way too overdressed if I wore anything a little more fancy.

    1. Aw thanks! It was through Amazon :) I tried to dress up the first time I went and then quickly realized how out of place I was haha!

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