dipped ice cream sandwiches

What Men Steal from Women | Skinny Cow

chocolate dipped ice cream sandwiches

Happy Monday my friends! I think I can finally say that my jet lag has well, lagged and I’m almost completely recovered. It’s crazy to me how much catch-up work there is when you come back from vacation. I can understand why those who aren’t travel fans claim that vacation is work because it really is between all the packing, unpacking, laundry, emails, etc etc but I wouldn’t give it up for anything. Every moment spent recovering is totally worth it in my book. Travel is life.

chocolate dipped ice cream sandwiches
I recently had the opportunity to try not one but TWO different Skinny Cow ice cream bars. The first one was a pure accident (I purchased the chocolate and almond crunch bars) and A and I went crazy. They were so good. Then I realized that I needed to purchase the Skinny Cow vanilla bean ice cream sandwiches for this post as they were the focus for today. I wasn’t bummed at all. They deliver quite a punch, cookie goodness wrapping a sliver of vanilla, all of which is dipped in a chocolatey coating. Umm, yes please. I’m not sure if you guys share your food with your significant other but A and I almost always share food. So if we go out for ice cream, we agree on flavors and split, saving calories and money. But sometimes you just don’t want to share and in our case, it usually goes like this:

Me: I’m in the mood for fries.
A: Ok. I don’t want any.
Me: I know you’ll eat some, though.
A: No, I’m really not hungry. Just get them for you.
Me: Suuure.

The fries arrive and you-know-who reaches in and helps himself.

chocolate dipped ice cream sandwiches
Skinny Cow ran a poll to see exactly what men steal from women and it’s kind of fun to look at the results below. I actually thought A was the only one who stole my sunglasses but I guess it’s a popular thing to steal according to the poll. A few other things he steals…dessert, face lotion (although, to be honest, sometimes I do offer), coffee (he claims it’s because I wasn’t going to finish it) and pillows.

What types of things does your guy steal from you?

chocolate dipped ice cream sandwiches


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