Strawberry Crepes – The Easiest Recipe

strawberry crepes

Ever have one of those hectic weeks? Months? YEARS? Life has been crazy lately. As you all know, we were just in Key West and since coming back Sunday, we’ve already been in New Jersey and have a business trip planned back up to Massachusetts this weekend. I love traveling but riding in a cargo van for 8 hours straight can get a bit tedious. Just a little 🙂 I do enjoy what we do, though, and I’m always thankful for the opportunity to see new things and have different experiences.

As for today’s recipe, dessert is on the menu. I’m also craving these suckers right now. Strawberry crepes are delicious. Let’s face it – crepes in general are good. I’ve already mentioned how crepes can be eaten as dinner or dessert, breakfast or lunch. Literally, one of the most versatile foods. If the Cheesy Cherry Blintz-Crepes recipe wasn’t up your alley or you aren’t a fan of Lemon Curd Crepes, maybe this strawberry crepe recipe will be your thing. The easiest way to make these is to use store-bought crepes (pictured are homemade ones). My mom would whip up these morsels in minutes and we would savor every bite. One note about the store-bought crepes…if you’re wondering where I’ve found them, I always go to the produce section in the grocery store. The kind that I buy is always located near the strawberry/blueberry section. I think it’s a seasonal item. I’ve found it in Giant but I imagine other grocery stores carry them as well. They are usually in a plastic package and contain about 6 square crepes.

This dessert can come together in minutes and is perfect for last-minute company. And as an optional addition, you can drizzle melted chocolate on top for the ultimate concoction.

strawberry crepes
strawberry crepes


1 c whipping cream
4 oz instant vanilla pudding
1 3/4 c milk

store bought crepes or homemade crepes


Whip cream until stiff peaks form. In a separate bowl, prepare pudding but add 1 3/4 c milk instead of the suggested amount on package. Fold pudding into the whipping cream. Fill crepes and serve with strawberries on top. 

Drizzle with chocolate – optional

strawberry crepes
Easy, right?


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