Spring Travel Sneakers with Zappos x Dansko


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Spring Travel Sneakers: Zappos x Dansko
Spring Travel Sneakers with Zappos x Dansko

Recently we had the opportunity to visit a cute town called Smithfield in Eastern Virginia. We had never been to that area but it was an adorable spot with bay views and located a short 45 minute drive to the ocean. So after enjoying the most amazing burgers at Wharf Hill, we took Athos and headed to Overlook Beach for some spring fun.

Surprisingly, the beach was a great temperature, albeit a bit windy. In fact, I was amazed at just how many people were walking their dogs or pushing their kids along on strollers. You can see below that Athos did indeed enjoy the water, though he wasn’t a fan of how it tasted.

Prior to the trip I had ordered a fun pair of travel sneakers for spring from Zappos. If you’ve ever browsed through their website, you know how easy they make online shopping. You may remember the amazing Australian boots I bought earlier and like last time, this process went just as smoothly.

Zappos always has a great selection of stylish items and their customer service and shipping is top notch. In fact, I tend to receive most of my clothes/shoes within 2 days of ordering. I’d highly recommend them especially if you’re headed on vacation and need to do some last minute shopping. Shipping is free FYI so it’s a no brainer for me 🙂

This time I picked out a fun pair of Dansko canvas sneakers. The brand prides themselves on comfortable shoes made of great quality and these Olisa sneakers are definitely that. They come in sand (pictured), denim and black as well. Both the black and sand versions have an adorable floral print on the sides that makes them even more fitting for spring.

If you’re not into travel sneakers like I am (I take sneakers with me on every trip), then Dansko has plenty of other options for you to choose from so be sure to browse through their items!


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