Runway-Inspired Braided Hair Tutorial

Fall 2014 Inspired Braided Hairstyle

Ever since the first Fall 2014 images of beautiful models with their amazing hairstyles hit the internet, I have been working on recreating specific braided hairstyles. Since I have curly hair, my options of hairstyles tend to be limited and understandably, braids work best on my hair. This is a great braided hairstyle for second or third day hair.

1) Start with volumized hair – I use a mousse to create extra curl and to give myself extra volume.

2) Create a deep part on your hair and starting near the back of your hair, french braid a small section forward (toward your forehead).

3) Once you reach the front, start french braiding your hair downward (down the side), grabbing sections of hair from the front and avoiding hair from the back.

4) Once you reach your ear, stop french braiding and just braid the section of hair all the way down.

5) Pin your braid around your head in the back.

6) Twist the other side and pull together hair into a ponytail.

7) Braid the ponytail and wrap into a bun. Pin in place.

8) Use fingers to evenly separate braid in the front. Spray hair in place if necessary.


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