Holiday Gifting: Facebook Portal

*This post is sponsored and in collaboration with Portal from Facebook; however, all photographs and images, thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Thanks!*

It’s that time of year again which means we’re all shopping around for gifts for our favorite loved ones. One of the most exciting gifts to give (and receive!) are tech gifts and the latest tech gift on the market today is Portal from Facebook and thanks to Facebook, I was gifted the new Portal+, a combination of video calling device, smart speaker, and Alexa assistant.

Portal from Facebook comes in four different sizes: an 8″ Mini Portal ($129), a 10″ Portal ($179) and a 15″ Portal+ ($279) and in two colors: black or white. There’s also the new Portal TV, which lets you video call on the biggest screen in your house. It comes in high quality packaging that ensures safe delivery and takes just a few minutes to open up and connect. You’ll need Wi-Fi for Portal to work so make sure you have a connection available from the beginning. Portal comes with a power cord and a plastic cover for the camera, a very helpful inclusion for those who value their privacy. Portal also offers hands-free help, with Alexa integrated into the system. You’ll be asked to connect to Facebook from the beginning. 

I was able to test out Portal+ though all three devices operate in the same manner. I loved the screen size of Portal+ but if you prefer something on the smaller size, you’ll want to look into the Mini or normal size. Though Portal has numerous features, I’ve listed some of my favorites below. 

Key Features of Portal+: 

Screen size – Portal+ is a 15″ HD screen which makes it excellent for video calling, watching videos or displaying favorite Facebook photos. 

Clarity of sound – I was able to video chat with my mom and she commented on how great the sound and microphone were. 

Video calling – I loved everything about smart video calling, from the quality of sound as mentioned above to automatically adjusting as you move around the room. For example: I was cooking while chatting and the camera did a great job capturing me at various points around the kitchen. It automatically will zoom in periodically while you’re on camera. Alternatively, you can manually change the areas where you want the camera to focus in on. 

Design – Portal+ is modern and sleek; the screen can flip vertical to horizontal depending on preference. The stand that the screen sits on has easy to access controls for turning off the microphone and camera as well as the screen and unit. 

Above all, Portal+ from Facebook makes a great gift for anyone whether they’re a tech junkie, tv lover, or someone who frequently video chats on Facebook messenger or WhatsApp. It’s a super convenient communications tool and looks great anywhere you place it.

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