Hike to Bondhusvatnet, Norway’s Hidden Gem

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Bondhusvatnet Hike

Bondhusvatnet is a beautiful glacier lake in the Bondhusdalen Valley in Folgefonna National Park. This national park is located in Hordaland County (the same county that Bergen is located in). The starting point for the hike is located near Sundal. Google maps does a good job of taking you there and there are a few signs here and there. Follow the road through the neighborhood until you reach the dirt parking lot, park, and then begin your hike (the trail is very easy to spot).

Hike to Bondhusvatnet

The hike to Bondhusvatnet is fairly easy, only a few small inclines and a dirt path leading to one of the most beautiful lakes in Norway. The views are unbelievable: you are surrounded by forests with trickling streams passing through them, mountains in the distance including Folgefonna Glacier and if that isn’t enough to make you want to visit asap, you may also spot some farm animals like sheep or goats grazing on the hills around you. It’s truly a breathtaking area that is quiet and peaceful, perfect for a short hike.

Bondhusvatnet Hike

And while the hike/walk is a dream, the real surprise lies at the end (not technically the end as the path does continue) after about an hour of walking. You are greeted with one of the most beautiful lakes you may have ever seen, complete with a lone boat, wooden pier, mountain views and the Folgefonna Glacier in the very distance. The lake is cold as its waters originate from the glacier but if you’re brave, you can still dip your toes in. You can have lunch here or camp out; it’s a quiet area so it’s pretty easy to find a spot to set up for your overnight stay. You can also continue further down the path which takes you on another trail. Otherwise, use this as your turning point for your walk back.


Hike to Bondusvatnet Norway's Hidden GemBondhusvatnet Hike

Bondhusvatnet Hike

Note: These last three shots were taken with a drone. The first one is taken from the viewpoint of the glacier looking towards us (you can spot the tiny little boat in the water) while the second creeps a bit closer to the glacier.  And obviously the last photo is taken top down over the boat. It’s always interesting to have a different perspective on your surroundings!

Bondhusvatnet HikeBondhusvatnet HikeBondhusvatnet Hike



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  1. November 9, 2018 / 1:24 pm

    I just love the photo with the boat and your yellow hat. It pops. What an amazing serene place. It looks so peaceful and undiscovered. Would love to visit sometime, thanks for sharing.

    • Grace
      November 12, 2018 / 9:27 pm

      Thank you! It was an incredible spot!