gift guide for him

Gift Guide for Him

gift guide for him

wooden water bottle | duffel bag | cozy slippers
CK belt | modern sneakers
checkered socks |
NF beanie | sailor bracelet | leather gloves
field jacket | plaid scarf

Shopping for guys can be a bit challenging. And yes, I still haven’t finished my shopping yet *insert embarrassed emoji* Both my dad and guy aren’t big into gifts and tend to buy what they want or need for themselves. They are more tech junkies than fun little chachka fans but considering my budget and many other budgets out there, a new laptop or iPhone every year is hardly doable. My guy and I usually make big purchases together so I’m left with the annual question of “what do I gift?” year after year. This year I decided to put together a practical gift guide for him, for those gals who have men in their lives who appreciate every day items and who can be difficult to shop for. In fact, I’m eyeing the sneakers, CK belt and cozy slippers above. Modern, practical and perfect.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?


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  1. Yes, shopping is done ~ whoo hoo! I usually give my husband fun type gifts .. maybe his favorite candy or 3 in 1 Shampoo/conditioner/body wash .. stuff like that. It’s tough though, he’s not a normal man and so he doesn’t like normal things .. lol.


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