Best Way to Learn French Online & the Importance of Learning Languages

French Language Learning: Your Plan with Rosetta Stone

*This post was sponsored by Rosetta Stone; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own*

I’ve always thought learning a new language was an important life skill, even later in life as an adult. It benefits you when you travel – I can’t tell you how many times I have used my very limited knowledge of French and Spanish to get me through some confusing situations abroad. And you can see by looking at the photos below that language basics are almost a necessity so you can read signs wherever you may go. Learning a new language, or even expanding your knowledge in one which you know basic words, also exercises your brain in a very healthy way.

I’ve previously shared my admiration for Rosetta Stone and their app and wrote about how helpful it was in continuing my education in the French language; Rosetta Stone does a great job meeting your language needs whatever stage they are, beginner to intermediate to proficient. Rosetta Stone’s app is very easy to use and provides you with a slew of learning opportunities ranging from grammar (verbs & adjective usage) to food items to basic words used for meeting and greeting people.

Recently, Rosetta Stone implemented a new feature which tailors their language learning program even more to suit your needs. The YOUR PLAN approach aims to create a program just for you and your goals whether they’re travel-oriented, career-driven or just for fun. Just like before, they’re available in beginner, intermediate and proficient levels and even better, Your Plan is available in 24 languages. These lesson plans are quick and meant to be used on the go as they are also available offline.

In this example, I chose French language travel as that’s what most fitting my lifestyle. The program takes 30 minutes per day to complete, 5 days a week and for a total of 6 weeks. It’s perfect to use before a trip as it starts far enough in advance that your brain has time to actually memorize the words.

You can see from the screenshots below just how simplified it is. First of all, it breaks the next 6 weeks down for you, week by week, lesson by lesson. You have the opportunity to see what lessons are planned out in the future. In my case, each lesson is directly related to travel, shopping, directions, hotels, meeting people.

Once you begin the plan, you have a mixture of matching exercises where you listen to a phrase and match it with the correct photo OR you hear a specific phrase and you have to repeat it back. This will prove very helpful while traveling as conversational French is something a traveler needs while visiting France, even areas where English may be spoken. If you answer correctly, you receive a cute checkmark and conversely, you receive a red x if you answer incorrectly.

The app also shows you your progress for each lesson plan along with how much time you have remaining to complete that lesson.

If you’re interested in purchasing Rosetta Stone, you can get $110 OFF a Rosetta Stone Lifetime Subscription only this Black Friday. This is a fantastic deal (your total would be $189) as you’ll never have to renew and you have access to numerous languages should you choose to learn more than one.


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