Flipp: Grocery Store Shopping Made Easy!

Flipp: Grocery Store Shopping Made Easy!!

If you’re like me, grocery shopping can be a hassle. You walk in with your shopping list (IF you remembered it), wander around through ten aisles looking for three items and walk out 30 minutes later, feeling exhausted and irritated. Then you arrive home and realize that you forgot the milk and didn’t use any of the coupons you brought with you. C’est la vie. I’m ashamed to admit that this has happened to me before on numerous occasions.

This is why I’m excited to be partnering with Flipp to share more about how easy and efficient grocery shopping can be! You can use Flipp to search for (and clip with the tap of your fingers) coupons from your favorite retails stores, add loyalty cards to help keep all your cards in one place and browse through all the weekly circulars. Flipp finds local deals for the items on your list making it easy to stay on track at the store.

Just recently, Flipp introduced three new features: photo list, store mode, and family sync.


This feature is my favorite because it helps me prevent losing my paper grocery list. I was impressed with how well the app transcribed my list – it felt like magic. You just snap a photo of your handwritten list, wait a few moments and voila, you’ve got a clear, concise (and legible!) list.


Flipp organizes your list according to aisle and section. This makes shopping 100% easier and means less time spent wandering aisles and retracing your route because you forgot something in the produce section.


This is a unique feature that allows you to share shopping responsibilities easily and efficiently with someone else in your household.  

So how does Flipp save you money?

Flipp makes it super easy to access coupons. For example, you can tap on each item on your shopping list and Flipp will collect coupons from your preferred retail locations, and compile them in one place. So while I may have paid regular price for paper towels, Flipp provided me with 4 different coupons that each saved me $1 from various retailers. If I didn’t really care for the paper towels on sale, Flipp also offers me all of the weekly circulars where paper towels are mentioned. In this case at my favorite supermarket, paper towels were offered on sale for $5.99 PLUS a $5 gift card if I buy two household essentials.

Now it’s your turn to download the app, gush about how easy it is  to grocery shop and share how much you saved!

Flipp: the app that makes grocery store shopping easy!
The Flipp app is free and available to download for iOS and Android. To download flipp visit the app store or Google Play store and share how much you saved.


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