Fig-Goat Cheese Chicken Sandwiches

goat cheese fig chicken sandwich

I love being inspired by sandwich shops and restaurants. It’s always a fun mental game to play when we go out. I order something, try it and if I like it, try to figure out how I can replicate it at home. Sometimes it’s next to impossible (re: Panera’s Fuji Chicken Salad) and other times it’s fairly easy.
We recently stopped by Whole Foods for a healthy dinner on a work trip. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I walked into the store but was amazed by the options. It reminded me of a Wegmans (best store ever). So I dragged myself away from the pizza nook, the pastry section and all the other tempting areas and stuck with the make-your-own sandwich station (I didn’t realize that at first). Immediately I was drawn to their goat cheese and fig butter sandwich. I requested a slice of pineapple added to it and off I went.
As we were scarfing it down, I asked A what he thought and his suggestion was adding chicken and a few apple slices instead of the pineapple to it.
And so this sandwich was creatively born.

goat cheese fig chicken sandwich goat cheese fig chicken sandwich goat cheese fig chicken sandwich goat cheese fig chicken sandwich  goat cheese fig chicken sandwich

goat cheese
fig butter
chicken breasts, sliced
apples, thinly sliced
white bread, toasted
Spread about 1-2 T goat cheese per slice of bread. Top with 1 T fig butter. Top one slice with a handful of spinach leaves and another with two apple slices. Place several slices of chicken atop the apple and assemble bread slices. 

goat cheese fig chicken sandwich


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