Exploring Bolthouse Farms® in Bakersfield, CA

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A few weeks ago, we were invited to tour Bolthouse Farms® for an inside look at their fascinating operation and learn about their carrots and carrot juice processes. While their plants are located in Georgia, Washington, Canada, and California, Bolthouse Farms® also owns fields in 6 different regions in California and 3 different states within the USA as well as Canada. 

Farming since 1915, Bolthouse Farms® has a century worth of roots! The Bolthouse family started farming carrots in Grant, Michigan and by 1950 was a leading carrot supplier in the Midwest with a reputation for flavor and quality. 

We had never visited a carrot field before, and it was interesting to see just how the carrots are harvested and sent through several steps of processing. Through this process, they are made into carrot juice, carrots, baby carrots or filler composed of the carrot skin.

Harvesting carrots is typically done by a machine which makes it easy to separate the carrots from their stems. Alternatively, you can harvest carrots by hand, though of course, this process takes much longer. This simply requires a shovel, though surprisingly the carrots are easily pulled out of the ground once the dirt surrounding them is loosened. They practice crop rotation to maximize nutrients within their fields. 

While touring the plant, we learned a few interesting facts about carrots:

  1. Baby carrots come from regular carrots and go through a smoothing process to form them into the mini carrots we see in the store. And one carrot forms 6-7 baby carrots.
  2. Rainbow carrots are planted within the same field.
  3. Carrots do not vary in flavor based on regions.
  4. Carrots are high in  Vitamin A.
  5. 80% of the USA’s carrots are grown right in California.
  6. Carrots taste best when harvested at the proper time and are not too large.

Bolthouse Farms® has promised to use fewer ingredients within their beverages. This is especially true for their carrot juice. Bolthouse Farms® carrot juice is sweet, flavorful and contains Vitamins A & C. It’s a great combination of taste and nutrition without any added sugars, artificial colors or flavors or any preservatives. Even better, each 15.2oz bottle contains 3 3/4 servings of fruit and is American Heart Health Certified. These facts are what make it a great option for those who seek a refreshing drink with a clean label of ingredients.

If you prefer your carrots whole, Bolthouse Farms® offers both baby or regular carrots. They’ve gone through an extensive selection process which ensures that the carrots packaged are fresh and ready for eating. If you’re like us, you love carrots in everything from out-of-the-bag enjoyment, desserts or salads. 

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