DIY Modern Christmas Tree


I am not much of a decorator. In fact, I have very few decorations laying around come Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s not that I don’t like the holidays – I love getting together with family, eating good food, celebrating the meanings of each, and of course, drinking A LOT of hot chocolate! I’m just not a very creative person by nature (I’m definitely trying to work on it, though!) so I’m fine with the house looking the same during fall and winter as it does during the summer.

During our 5+ years of marriage, the hubs and I have never had a Christmas tree. Mainly because of laziness and no kids to push us towards it. So…last year, I decided I needed to have some sort of decoration up. I bought a Christmas-y tablecloth and some typical Christmas/Thanksgiving candles and put those up. My in-laws gifted us with some German incense smokers – probably after seeing how pitiful our house looked during the season. Then I ran across a modern type Christmas tree made of branches and twigs and thought I could DIY it. And so, I went outside, collected a few long branches and spray painted them white. I found a large glass bottle from Ross, placed the painted and dried branches inside, and hung small Christmas ornaments throughout. Not your typical Christmas tree but I was proud of it!

Note: During the summer, I take off the ornaments and leave the tree up. Serves as a nice year-round decoration.

DIY Project Supplies:

1 can of white spray paint
A handle branches, various lengths
1 box of small colorful ornaments
Several “twig balls” (balls made of twisted twigs – see pics below)
Glass vase

DIY small modern white christmas tree
DIY small modern white christmas tree

I ran out of spray paint towards the end but I think the imperfect paint job gives the tree a more realistic and rustic look

DIY small modern white christmas tree
DIY small modern white christmas tree


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