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I don’t have to tell you that it’s been miserable here the past few weeks. Currently, I’m wearing leg warmers over leggings, a sweater, socks and moccasins. The only thing that helps keep me warm on days like today is a hot drink (coupled with my ridiculous attire). Whether you’re a tea fanatic, a coffee addict or in today’s case, a hot chocolate connoisseur, you’ll agree that a hot drink on a cold day will chase even the worst case of chills.



I was thrilled to hear of Starbucks’ Cozy Collection. Let me be honest – the hot chocolate immediately attracted my attention because I LOVE Starbucks’ in-store hot cocoa and white hot chocolate and can’t get enough of either drink. So I felt more than a little excited when I spotted this little collection comes with a myriad of fun goodies including two K-Cup hot chocolate pods made with real cocoa, the softest, coziest blanket you can imagine (I may have buried my face in it a time or two), a gorgeous white mug, sweet and square marshmallows, buttery shortbread cookies and a $5 Starbucks card. It’s literally the perfect package to receive during February, because let’s face it, February DRAGS, and it makes for a very thoughtful gift to send someone. Even yourself. Just act surprised when you receive it – no one will ever know. 




The theme here is cozy, easy and warm. And that’s why both hot chocolate flavors come in K-Cups that are prepared in a minute or so (it is a lazy day, after all). The Cozy Collection includes two pods, Classic Chocolate and Salted Caramel, that are both made with real cocoa and non-fat milk. Classic is a sweet hot chocolate flavor with deep chocolatey tones while salted caramel is a chocolate that satisfies those who crave a sweet ‘n salty concoction. I loved both. And I love my mug! So cute and it fits the perfect amount of hot chocolate – not too little and definitely not too much. The K-Cups brew right up to the edge of the cup.


And because looking at photos of someone enjoying a lazy day with a cup of hot chocolate kind of sucks, you can enter to win your own on Starbucks’ Microsite! All it takes is an email address.

Bonne chance and have a great weekend!


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  1. I am a Starbucks buff… A HUGE one too. So when I stumbled onto your blog and saw all these great temptations then I got up and pulled out my mocha coffee and started brewing a pot. Lol Your outfit looks great and this post was a ton of fun to read.


  2. I wished they offered this EVERY year. Box came with a mug, 2 kcup, marshmallow and the softest fleece blanket! I still use the blanket wishing I had another for hubby!

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