Cilantro-Garlic Roasted Tomato Dip


Cilantro-Garlic Roasted Tomato Dip with Pinenuts
We won’t talk about the deliciously fatty grilled burgers we had last night. Usually, I make it my mission to eat light during summer – salads, fruit, veggies – but last night I made an exception. I’ve made that same exception on a weekly basis since summer began but I can’t help it. If you’ve ever purchased local beef, you can understand my predicament. Local meats taste xxx better and since we know exactly where the meat came from, it’s much easier to enjoy the meat almost guilt-free. …And healthier, in a fat-dripping-but-who-cares-it’s-local kind of way.So for my non-meat eating friends, I’ve got a wonderfully fresh tomato paste complete with herbs and if you choose, nuts. We had this dip with pita bread and literally could not stop eating it. I was surprised at how much I loved the garlicky-tomato flavors and how well they blended with cilantro. This dip has endless purposes: it’s not only great as a dip for bread but imagine it as a sauce base for pizza. Top it with feta and more cilantro and you’ve got summer dinner easy as 1-2-3.Happy Wednesday!Cilantro-Garlic Roasted Tomato Dip with Pinenuts
Cilantro-Garlic Roasted Tomato Dip with Pinenuts
Cilantro-Garlic Roasted Tomato Dip with PinenutsCilantro-Garlic Roasted Tomato Dip with Pinenuts
1 T olive oil
1 garlic clove
1/2 c cilantro 
Mix tomatoes with olive oil and garlic clove. Place on a baking sheet and roast on 350F for 15 minutes (this can be done in a toaster oven). Remove tomatoes from oven and puree with cilantro. Top with pine nuts and serve with bread. 

Cilantro-Garlic Roasted Tomato Dip with Pinenuts

Thanks to Melissa’s for providing the tomatoes and thank you for supporting all of FashionEdible’s collaborations! 


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