Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee for Every Occasion

Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee

I love coffee; the older I get, the more I drink it. I started off with drinking Arabic coffee (some of you know it as Turkish coffee) and I’m sure that set the stage for my future of coffee drinking. I love strong coffee and I can drink it black, with milk or with sugar depending on my mood. Generally, I like drinking coffee black or with a splash of milk. I also love iced coffee but hate when it’s watered down. Too many coffee shops use ice cubes to cool their coffees and as a result, ruin their flavor.

Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee

Chameleon Cold Brew coffee is a great option for those of us who love strong iced coffee but don’t have the time to make it ourselves and prefer consistency. Chameleon Cold Brew coffee comes in a variety of flavors: Mexican, Mocha, Vanilla, Black and Espresso. They even have a line of multi-serve cold brew coffees that are mixed with milk and have a hint of sweetness. These are available at select Target, Publix and HEB locations. Aside from that, they offer cold brew coffee pods for DIY cold brew at home and fresh whole bean coffee for hot coffee lovers. Chameleon coffees are easy to find as they are located across most retailers nationwide. Find a local retailer near you on their website.

Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee

I recently had the opportunity to try the Vanilla, Black and Mexican cold brew coffees. The Mexican cold brew is my favorite as it has hints of cinnamon. Chameleon prides themselves on cold brew coffees with low acidity and super smooth flavor. This is a fun list of places to enjoy Chameleon Cold Brew wherever you may be!

Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee

Favorite ways to enjoy Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee…

Hiking – Any excuse to take a break mid-hike, right? Keep your hike to 1-2 hours maximum so that your cold brew coffee stays cool!

Touring a city – Battle the heat (or cold!) with a cold brew coffee. The Chameleon Cold Brew Ready to Enjoy coffee bottles are small so they’re very portable.

Biking – Cuz who wouldn’t want to enjoy some coffee on a glorious bike ride??

Morning stroll – Perfect for a morning walk around the neighborhood when you want to carry around your coffee while getting that breath of fresh air. (Also great with a smoothie bowl or yogurt mixed with granola before your walk!)

Shopping – Something to pick you up while you’re admiring antiques or searching for your perfect pair of shoes.

Work – Because when 2pm hits, you need something to help get you through the rest of the day.

Picnic – Bring a few and share with those around you! Cold brew pairs well with croissants and butter (yummm).

Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee


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