Hot Caramel Apple Cider


We were at my fave coffee shop recently and they were handing out samples of their house-made caramel apple steamer. Never one to turn down a chance to try something new, I nodded excitedly when the girl handing them out asked if we wanted to try it. Of course I did. I have no idea what was in that tiny little cup, perhaps crack judging by how addictive that liquid gold was, but I was determined to make my own rendition of it. This version tastes very similar to the steamer I tried. Thick, steamy cider doused in all sorts of caramel flavors. I have to meter how much I have because I’d rather not drink my daily calories, though it’s very tempting, BUT it’s the perfect remedy for a cold fall day. On the other hand, A did drink it last night straight out of the refrigerator and commented on how good it was cold. So…to each his own.


3 c apple cider
2 c whole milk
1/2 tsp cinnamon
3 T dulce de leche
2 T caramel syrup
1/4 c heavy whipping cream, whipped until soft peaks form

Heat cider and milk together on medium-low, whisking frequently. Add cinnamon, dulce de leche, and caramel syrup to cider/milk mixture and stir well. Remove from heat and pour into cups. Spoon cream over top. Refrigerate leftovers and use within 2-3 days.



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  1. I secretly live for free drink samples at coffee shops. I’m such a purist with my iced coffee, I rarely order anything else and definitely not flavored drinks. But those little sample cups are just right for me! What a tasty treat. And I’m probably with A in liking it cold, but I’m willing to try it both ways! 🙂

  2. I live for free samples, drink or otherwise! I always love getting to try things I might have missed otherwise. Although it sounds like I might have tried to take all of the samples of the apple steamer…I just can’t resist caramel or apples this time of year 😉

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