Buffalo Blue Cheese + Quinoa Burgers

buffalo quinoa burger with blue cheese
We had these burgers a few nights ago out of a desperate craving for wings. These made up for it and more. Seriously so good. While I was putting them together, I realized I didn’t have any rolls so I whipped up my trusty Hamburger Rolls that take minutes to make and only 30 minutes to rise. If you haven’t made them yet, add them to your recipe arsenal. They come in so handy when you’re in a time crunch. And they taste great. 

buffalo quinoa burger with blue cheese

Top these off with as much or as little hot sauce, blue cheese, and blue cheese dressing as you want.  A dipped his in extra hot sauce.
If you’re grilling these, be careful in flipping them. Some of the burgers are more crumbly than others. You can use aluminum foil underneath them if you find them falling apart too much.
Happy Thursday and almost TGIF!
 buffalo quinoa burger with blue cheese
Hot Sauce

1/4 c Franks hot sauce
1 T rice vinegar
dash Worcestershire sauce
4 T butter

1 lb beef
1/3 c cooked quinoa
1 egg
Dash of salt
Dash of Beef Seasoning (Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning or Krazy Pepper)

Blue Cheese Dressing
1/4 c mayo
1/4 c sour cream or yogurt (full fat)
2 T blue cheese, crumbled
1 tsp rice vinegar

Hamburger Rolls
Crumbled Blue Cheese

Hot sauce…melt butter and add hot sauce, vinegar and Worcestershire. Set aside

Burgers…In a bowl, combine beef, quinoa, egg and seasonings. Form into patties. Grill or cook stovetop until burgers reach desired doneness

Blue Cheese Dressing…Mix mayo, sour cream/yogurt, blue cheese and vinegar in a bowl.

Top each burger with hot sauce, blue cheese dressing and a crumble of blue cheese. 

buffalo quinoa burger with blue cheese


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