Best Suitcases for Travel Overseas

Picking out a suitcase for travel can be a challenge especially when there are so many options out there. It’s difficult to know what’s worth splurging on and what’s not. I decided to write a post on the top suitcases for travel to make it convenient for those looking to purchase a brand new suitcase. I do want to note that luggage can be finicky and you may end up with a lemon regardless of the great reviews your specific brand or piece received. It’s frustrating yet humorous; my mom and I once purchased the same exact luggage set. Hers lasted a year, mine lasted 5 years and I travelled 10x as often as she did. And after researching various brands, we aren’t alone in this experience. So I’ve listed the best suitcases for air travel, ones that have received top reviews and hopefully that will help you quickly make your luggage buying decision so you can spend less time on the boring stuff and more time on the fun stuff aka actually planning your travels!

Best suitcases for travel overseas

Samsonite is an oldie but goodie and is well known for creating some of the best luggage out there. I am loving all their new arrivals and especially the bright, bold colors they all come in. They have free coupon code that you can easily get just by typing in your email address. It gives you 25% off your first order. I have the slate blue bag (second bag) and love it. At first, I was hesitant about getting a hard case suitcase but it’s probably one of the best hard suitcases for travel and is built to withstand pressure. The only negative of the carryon on is that it technically doesn’t pass many carryon size standards. However, I haven’t had an issue with it yet. I would recommend playing it safe, however, and making sure your bag adheres to your airline carryon standards.

Buy the Centric here: Samsonite Centric Set

Buy the Stryde Glider here: Samsonite Stryde Glider

Best Suitcases for Travel Overseas

Lipault was originally a French luggage brand but in 2014, Samsonite bought them out so now they’re owned by Samsonite.  I actually own this bag as well and it’s a unique suitcase. Instead of a leather or fabric exterior, it sports a thick vinyl fabric. It has held up pretty well and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. The sides are very flexible and it’s pretty easy to stuff it.

Buy the Lipault here: Lipault Spinner 55/20

Best Suitcases for Travel Overseas

If you prefer a fabric exterior, then you may find your answer in Travelpro. They have countless options for luggage and are classic in nature. They seem to be built for the business traveler so click on the link below if you want a no-frills, sturdy bag that’s affordable.

See all Travelpro’s here

Best Suitcases for Travel Overseas

If you’re looking for gorgeous luxury suitcases, this is it. Delsey Paris offers high quality, luxurious luggage that is sleek and chic. This one is my favorite bags and actually has a stop/go brake system so your luggage will never roll away from you. The brand offers up various types of baggage, some are hardcase and others are fabric. You can browse the collection through Bloomingdales here Delsey Paris). p.s. I just saw this bag in person and it’s just as pretty in person as in the photos!

Best Suitcases for Travel Overseas

Buy this bag: Delsey Paris

Away bags are good suitcases for travel because not only are they hardy pieces of luggage but they also have an amazing built-in battery power for powering your cellphone. Genius, right? They are built for with the modern traveler in mind and are extremely sleek and fashionable. And they offer the prettiest colors of luggage you can think of. Please note that as of April 2018 their new aluminum line is not built very well and does dent immediately upon travel. I would recommend their classic line (shown below) until they re-design the aluminum ones to last longer.

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Best Suitcases for Travel Overseas

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