beautiful flower fields in Japan

Beautiful Flower Fields Around the World

Everyone loves flowers; they make people smile and tend to cheer up even the most somber of occasions. We’ve listed some of our favorite flower fields and locations; while not every single mention here is a field, they do have their importance and uniqueness as you’ll quickly realize.

This list makes a great guide to your travel plans especially if you’re a flower lover and are wondering if you can see some blooms while you’re out exploring. However, we know that not everyone can travel to enjoy these sites firsthand, but hopefully these flower field photos will make you stare in awe as much as they did for us. We live in a pretty amazing world!

most beautiful flower fields  in the world
Beautiful flower fields around the world

Lavender flower field

Valensole lavender flower field

Provence, France has some of the prettiest lavender fields in the world. There are three different ones to choose from: Sault, Valensole and Luberon Valley. All three are located in southern France.

The best time to see the fields in peak bloom is between the end of June into mid July. Admission is free as they are located along the highway/road. Aim for sunset or sunrise in order to miss most of the crowds and get a pretty sky to go with the beautiful blooms. Check out our detailed guide on the Valensole lavender fields for more information on each flower field.

beautiful flower fields in France
Valensole lavender fields

Flower fields in Europe

Castelluccio fields in Italy

The flowering show of Castelluccio in Central Italy reaches its peak during the month of June. The flower fields cover the plateau of Castelluccio belonging to the Sibillini mountain range and to the Sibillini National Park. You can admire the flowering from the road to Castelluccio, walking through the flowers on specific tracks, and from the main square of the mountain town of Castelluccio.

During peak weeks, a local government agency in defense of the area might issue entrance tickets to the fields for about €15/person.

Due to the earthquake that happened in 2016, getting to the plateau by public transport is possible but does take a few transfers. If you decide to take the train, the nearest station is in the town of Spoleto; from there you can get on a public bus to the town of Norcia which is only 30 minutes from Castelluccio. During high season, there will be private shuttles from the town of Norcia to the flower fields.

The easiest way to get to the flower fields is by renting a car. If you rent a car from Rome, it will take about 3 hours by highway and mountain roads. *Travel Connect Experience*

beautiful flower fields in Italy
Castelluccio flower fields in Italy

Bluebell fields in Essex, UK

The bluebell is the spring flower of British woodlands. Although you’ll find bluebells, hedgerows and gardens throughout the country, you’ll mainly find them in ancient woodlands where the ground hasn’t been disturbed for centuries. And it’s here you’ll find the ground carpeted with this gorgeous wildflower.

Peak season for bluebells is the spring, any time from March to mid-May, depending on the weather conditions for the year. While most bluebells are indeed blue, there are also rare albino bluebells to be found in some spots.

You’ll find a host of places to see bluebells throughout the UK – all the way into Scotland and organizations such as the National Trust will promote bluebell walks and events each spring. However, most of the time access to ancient woodlands is free. You should take care to stick only to marked paths. The bluebell is extremely fragile and it can take up to 5 years to grow from a seed to a flower. *A Social Nomad*

beautiful flower fields in the UK
bluebell fields in the UK

Wisteria in London, UK

As spring flows into full force in London, the climbers and flower beds burst into colourful bloom. One of the most iconic flowers you will see dotted around the city, usually adorning some of the classic terraced houses, is wisteria.

Around March through to May, as the city begins to warm up, the sun glistens on these beautiful plants appearing on building frontages and tucked in historical alleyways. Some of the most prominent examples of Wisteria are found among the affluent Georgian terraces of the West End: Mayfair, Chelsea and Knightsbridge.

Delightful (and well instagrammed) spots such as Cheyne Walk and Kynance Mews will certainly mesmerise you; alternatively head to Fulham Palacen where their walled garden is truly a spectacle to see! *The Travelling Stomach*

beautiful flowers in the UK
wisteria in the UK

Flower fields in Asia

Buckwheat fields in Ha Giang, Vietnam

There’s no prettier sight in Northern Vietnam than a sea of delicate buckwheat blossoms. The white and pink flowers are synonymous with Ha Giang Province, where families raise buckwheat crops for flour.

Buckwheat flowers (tam giac mach in Vietnamese or chez in the H’mong language) can be white, red, pink or purple depending on the varietal. As the crop matures, the flowers become darker until the buckwheat is ready to harvest. 

Buckwheat blooms at different times depending on the elevation. To see the fields in their full glory, it’s best to travel at the end of autumn (between September and early December), when the annual buckwheat flower festival takes place in Ha Giang.

‘Official’ buckwheat fields ask for a small entry fee (around 10,000 VND). There are plenty of places where you can frolic for free—the trick is spotting the flowers from the road as you travel around Ha Giang. Just be wary of accidentally wandering onto private property. *Wander-Lush*

beautiful flower fields in Asia
buckwheat fields in Vietnam

Red Lotus Sea in Udon Thani, Thailand

For three months each year, in a remote Thailand province, a seemingly average freshwater lake transforms into a virtual sea of flowers. The Red Lotus Sea, or Talay Bua Daeng, is a bit of a misnomer since it is not an actual sea and its blooms are pink, not red! Visit during the months of December through February when thousands of pink lotus flowers cover the surface of the water. Be sure to arrive early as the blooms begin to close as the day heats up.

Located one hour’s drive south-east of Udon Thani city in Udon Thani Province, Northeast Thailand, the lake is best accessed by private transport. Hire a boat and bob quietly amongst the thick carpet of blooms whilst taking some amazing photographs. Boats are available to hire by the hour, ranging from a small boat for two (300 Baht/$US9.50) to larger boats for small groups (500 Baht/$US15.80). *A Life Without Borders*

beautiful flower fields in Asia
red lotus sea in Thailand

Poppy fields in Kazakhstan

One of the most beautiful flower fields in the world is easily found in southeastern Kazakhstan, a mere day trip from Almaty. Surrounding Almaty are countless poppy fields that are so bright and vivid and sitting right at the foot of the Tian Shan mountain range. 

What makes these poppy fields so remarkable is that they are completely wild and appear every April and May. You can drive out of the city of Almaty on the highway and you will inevitably see them on both sides of the road. You can stop and wander into the field and shoot as many photos as you’d like. The flower fields have become popular in recent years due to Instagram but because Kazakhstan is so vast, you will feel like you have the place to yourself.

I have been to lavender fields, tulip fields, and sunflower fields across the globe, but nothing has made my jaw drop quite the way the poppy fields in Kazakhstan have. *Megan Starr*

beautiful flower fields
poppy fields in Kazakhstan

Zhongshe Flower Market in Taichung, Taiwan

The Zhongshe Flower market is one of the most colourful places in Taiwan and should be high on any Taiwan itinerary. Located a short drive from the city of Taichung, the Zhongshe Flower market is known for its beautiful gardens and colourful flower arrangements.

The gardens are a mecca for Instagram photos and draw hundreds of tourists every day. The gardens are truly beautiful, from the lavender fields with its lone piano to the floral photo frames under the stunning backdrop of the mountains. We had a lot of fun spotting photo opportunities and enjoying the gardens.

After you’re finished in the gardens, the on-site restaurant also serves incredible Taiwanese barbeque and is a popular place for locals to gather. *Show Them the Globe*

beautiful flower fields in Asia
Zhongshe flower market in Taiwan

Japan flower fields

Surprisingly Japan is home to some of the most beautiful flower fields in the world. Some of the top fields include Shibazakura, Tomita and Shikisai Hill but there are also quite a few other amazing fields to consider.

Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachi Seaside Park probably offers the best flower fields in Japan and it is only an hour train ride northeast of Tokyo. Although there are many different kinds of flowers and grass throughout the four seasons, the most popular ones are nemophila and kochia.

Nemophila covers the whole field in a blanket of blue colors, while kochia has vibrant, red colors. If you want to see the field of nemophila (baby blue eyes), you should visit between the middle of April and the beginning of May. The entrance fee at Hitachi Seaside Park is 450 yen for adults, 210 yen for seniors, and free for children 15 years old and younger.

To access Hitachi Seaside Park, I recommend you take a train from Tokyo. From any central Tokyo station (Tokyo, Shinagawa, or Ueno Station), take JR Joban line to Katsuta Station. It takes about 85 minutes by an express train, and the price will be 3,800 yen. *Finding Yoki*

beautiful flower fields in Japan
Hitachi seaside park in Japan

Yamanashi flower fields in Japan

Location: Hokuta, Yamanashi, Japan (Coordinates)

What better way to celebrate summer in Japan than to be surrounded by vibrant sunflowers? A drive to check out these sunflowers is almost necessary. It’s the perfect pit stop between Nagano and Mount Fuji. Or if you’re travelling from  Tokyo to Mount Fuji, it’s a short detour away.

The best time to visit is in the summer months. I went there in August. When I went, there weren’t hordes of tourists so it remains to still be a precious spot for the occasional drivers. *Bel Around the World*

beautiful flower fields in Japan
Yamanashi sunflower fields in Japan

Bulb fields around the world

Keukenhof Garden in the Netherlands

Dutch tulip fields are among the most famous flowers in the world. They are mostly located in the western part of the country. You can already see many of them while landing to the Schiphol airport so be sure to reserve a window seat for your flight!

Keukenhof Garden is the most popular place to see tulips in the Netherlands. This garden is located in Lisse and is open for two months each year (March – May). There is an admission fee to enter and the best way to avoid long queues is to buy your ticket in advance online.

Another more local way to see the tulip fields would be by cycling between Haarlem and Lisse. You can rent a bicycle at a Haarlem train station and go on a one hour ride. You’ll pass through numerous fields on your ride. *Culture Tourist*

Tulip Garden in Kashmir, India

Located at the foot of  Zabarwan Range and with the beautiful Dal Lake for company, Kashmir’s tulip garden is the largest bulb field in Asia. The official name of the garden is Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden. The garden is in full bloom from April during which a tulip festival is held to celebrate the onset of spring! The blooms last for a month or so depending on the season.

It’s a beautiful sight to see the snow-capped mountain standing tall where the bright blooms end. Besides tulips, the garden also grows hyacinths, daffodils, ranunculus etc. To access the garden, an entry fee of INR 50 (nearly a dollar) is charged for every adult. *Orange Wayfarer*

flower fields
tulip garden in India

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Washington, USA

Can’t make it to the Netherlands? Head to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Washington state to check out some of the most beautiful flowers in the Pacific Northwest!

These gorgeous tulips are in bloom about every April. The exact blooming dates vary so stay up to date with the official Facebook page. Parking at some of the lots is $7 and getting into one of the big tulip fields is another $7. Alternatively, you can choose to visit other fields or drive through them for free!

This festival makes a great day trip if you’re traveling to Seattle or Vancouver. You can either drive up from these cities or go on a tour that will take care of transportation. One more tip: because these tulips are so special, traffic heading up can be bad! If you’re able to, try to avoid visiting on weekdays when traffic is the heaviest. *Things to Do and Eat*

Flower fields California

Fields of Flowers Carlsbad

Springtime brings to life one of the most beautiful areas of San Diego. The Carlsbad Flower Fields are nearly fifty acres of flowers organized by color palette. The flowers are usually visible between early March-May with the peak viewing times between mid-March to mid-April. These times can change based on weather conditions so it’s best to check the website before planning a trip. 

While the fields are very dreamy and tempting to run through, it’s important to note that they’re roped off and monitored. This is to preserve the bulbs which get damaged when people step on them. But don’t let that dissuade you, the fields are impressive and you can still get beautiful Instagram-worthy shots from the path.  

Entrance fees for 2019 are $18 per adult and $9 for children. Parking is free. Couple this with some other fun outdoor activities in San Diego and you’ve got yourself the perfect Spring afternoon. *And Then I Met Yoko*

Canola flower fields in Sweden

The Canola fields in Southern Sweden is a natural wonder that shouldn’t be missed. The yellow fields transform all of the region of Skåne and it mixes beautifully with the farmlands.

The best time to see the canola fields is from May to June and you’ll find them in many places in Southern Sweden. The best way to enjoy them is to drive around the region by car, but you can also travel by train. It’s very convenient and you can buy a ticket that gives you unlimited rides for a day or several days.

There is no fee the see the canola fields; however, some of them belong to farmers while others are wild. *Swedish Nomad*

canola flower fields
Canola flower fields in Sweden

Cherry blossom trees

Sakura (cherry blossoms) in Japan

There are three great places to visit sakura in Japan:
Shinjuku Gyo-en is widely considered to be the best place in Tokyo to see the cherry blossoms, with about 1,500 cherry trees. Like most famous cherry-blossom places, it is extremely popular and can get quite crowded.  There are several different varieties here so you can usually see blossoms between late March and late April. 

There are three entrances to the gardens: the Shinjuku Gate, Okido Gate and Sendagaya Gate. It costs 500 yen to enter the gardens.

A less famous local favorite for cherry blossom viewing in Osaka is Shukugawa Park, about 15 minutes by train from central Osaka. There are about 1,700 cherry trees lining the river and less crowds. This spot has a very festive feeling as there are stalls set up selling food, drink and games to play. The flowers are usually at their best in early April. There is no entrance fee here as well. Take the JR Kobe line from Osaka Station to Sakura Shukugawa Station.

Japan has ancient castles scattered throughout the country and many of them are surrounded by sakura. A classic is Himeji Castle; this ‘white heron’ castle, one of Japan’s most beautiful, seems to float on a cloud of pink blossoms.  The trees are typically in peak bloom in early April. Admission to the castle and the garden is 1,040 yen. You can walk from Himeji station, which is on the JR Kobe line. *Travel Collecting*

cherry blossoms
Sakura in Japan

Cherry blossoms in Washington DC, USA

The cherry blossoms in Washington DC are some of our favorite flowers to enjoy come spring. The best way to figure out when peak blooms will occur is to check the DC blossom guide vigilantly. They do a great job of up-to-date alerts on the current status of the blossoms.

As with many things in DC, viewing the cherry blossoms is entirely free. You’ll want to head to the Tidal Basin area as that is where the most picturesque ones are located (and with beautiful views towards the monuments as well).

There are several parking options near the Tidal Basin, though most of them run on 3-hour metered parking.

*Prices and fees stated in this article are current as of 2019*


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