Athleta Travel Pants and Clothes

Athleta Travel Pants & Other Travel-Friendly Athleta wear

*AD This post was written in partnership with Athleta. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.*

Travel with Athleta

I’ve always loved Athleta. They have some of the cutest athletic wear, pieces that do a great job transitioning from gym to coffee shop. And over the years, they’ve expanded their collection to include trendy swimwear and wardrobe staples. I was excited when I recently discovered that they now have a full travel line as well. The clothing that is a part of this line is all geared towards the modern day traveler and 40% of the fabrics used are now made from sustainable fibers. The fabrics are fast drying, experience very little wrinkling and are easy to pack. And most importantly, they pair well with other clothes and accessories to create a trendy outfit!

Athleta travel pants

These Athleta travel pants might just be my favorite ever. They’ve checked off every box on my list of legging must-haves; they are form-fitting, high-waisted, shapely, petite sizing, easy to wash and they do not sag. One of the best things about Athleta is that most of their travel line also comes in petite sizing. I’ve discussed this before on the blog but I love brands that cater towards all body shapes and builds. These leggings are the perfect fit as they hit my ankles at the proper spot. I don’t have to worry about baggy ankles or having to roll the hem to compensate for my short height. They look like they’re made of a neoprene type of material which gives them a very seamless and smooth look. Interestingly enough, Athleta labels them a crop pant and not a legging. I wore them on the plane to and from France and I can promise you they will be packed for for future trips.

Athleta hoodie

Athleta Travel Pants and Clothes

This crisp white hoodie is one of the softest hoodies I’ve ever felt. The material is slinky yet keeps you warm, perfect for cool weather. The arms and hood have a fun mesh stripe that runs down the center. As far as laundry care goes, this piece is a tad harder to dry than the others. Assuming you don’t have access to a dryer (something I run into all the time while traveling in Europe), I’d recommend either leaving it out in the sun to dry or not washing it at all while traveling.

Athleta gathered dress

The recurring theme of Athleta’s travel line is softness. This dress is no exception. It is made of a lightweight material that dries quickly and washes easily. Instantly, I fell in love with the bright orange-red color and if you’re photo happy like I am, you’ll love how this dress pops in photos. Pair with fun accessories like a basket bag and sandals and you’ll be ready to tour in no time.

Athleta Travel Pants and Clothes

And if you’re looking for a simple tank top, then check out this perforated tank. It goes with everything!



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