9 Ways to Wear a White Button Down Shirt

I don’t know about you guys but I love seeing one type of clothing used in multiply ways. It’s always fun to see posts like “5 Ways to Wear a Vest,” “10 Ways to Wear a Scarf,” and on the food side “20 Crockpot Dishes.” These types of articles are fun to bookmark and use as guides for food/fashion. You may or may not remember my two guides from long ago:  10 Ways to Wear Oxblood Jeans and 10 Ways to Wear a Denim Shirt. They were both a lot of fun to put together and I’m still amazed at how well-used both pieces were. It makes my budgeting self happy.
Today brings you yet another guide – this time Luci and Alyssa are joining in on the fun and we’ve put together 9 ways to wear a button down shirt. It was amazing to see just how drastically different each look is, something for every occasion, season and mood.
p.s. There are three outfits below without links. As an added bonus, we have decided to picture the full outfits on Monday. So check back then!

9 ways to wear a button down shirt…

  1. keep it casual chic with a baseball hat – I absolutely love how Alyssa paired a baseball cap with slacks and her white button down shirt. Her outfit gives off such a cool vibe that can easily be transformed into work friendly with a ditch of the hat.
  2. layer it under a turtleneck sweater – I love layering my button down shirts underneath turtlenecks. Not only do they add warmth but they look classy and preppy. Make sure you pop the collar for just a small glimpse of the shirt.
  3. dress it up with camel tones Luci paired a matching jacket and pants and allowed her white button down to remain the focus. I love how her whole outfit comes together in a classic way.
  4. *pair it with a skirt and trench – This is the first sneak peak of my post on Monday. Pair your white button down with a skirt and trench for a bit of city chic style. I kept all colors neutral from the bag to the shoes.
  5. *make it holiday party-ready – This is Alyssa’s sneak peek into Monday’s post. It’s easy to forget that you can easily pair a white button down with a sequin skirt and velvet blazer for the ultimate party-ready look.
  6. top it with a shawl – I love how Luci has topped her white button down with a knit shawl. This chic look is perfect for a luncheon or brunch. And it’s great for cool-but-not-cold weather!
  7. *layer it under another button down shirt – This is Luci’s Monday post and it’s clever. Luci has layered her white button down underneath a plaid button down top. This is a great way to provide some contrast to the outer top.
  8. pair it with a crop sweater – This is one of my favorite ways to wear my white button tops. Cropped sweaters look great over top button down shirts.
  9. dress it down with denim – And finally, the must-do when it comes to wearing your button down. The easiest and simplest way is to pair your top with denim as Alyssa did, whether it’s in the form of shorts or pants. It’s timeless, comfortable and perfect.


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