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6 Things I Have Learned from Working with Brands

I’ve learned a lot during my last few years of blogging. While I love blogging and couldn’t even imagine doing anything else, it is a job and like any other job, it comes with its own set of headaches and problems. You’ll have moments where you’re 100% stressed, disappointed and irritated but IMO it’s all worth it to do something you love. My hope is that this post helps those of you just starting out to learn some tips for working with brands and hopefully avoid some of the most frustrating moments that blogging can bring.

6 Things I Have Learned From Working With Brands

1. Always be courteous…regardless of the circumstances
Blogging can bring out the best in us but it can also bring out the worst. Problems will inevitably arise: brands will devalue your time, expect too much in a short amount of time, pay way too little or pay nothing at all, ghost on you, the list goes on. Save your venting for your friends. Keep things professional with brands and you won’t regret it. After all, you never know where that gig will take you or which bridge you might burn just for a few moments of foolish self-satisfaction.

2. Timeliness is key
It’s easy to get overwhelmed with a lot of work at once. However, tardiness does reflect poorly on you as an influencer. If you know you’re going to miss a deadline, email your contact as soon as you find out and give them a heads up. Explain the situation and check to make sure they’re ok with it. Respond to emails as soon as you get them regardless of whether or not you know what to say. Brands appreciate speedy replies.

3. What’s your worth?
Before you start pitching brands, be sure to research your exact blogger worth and what types of prices you can charge. Charging too high will never get you work and charging too little ends up hurting other influencers as well as yourself long term. Know your worth and be confident in it. If you’ve sent out your rates a few times and no one is responding, lower them a bit and try again.

4. 100% effort
It’s easy to throw a campaign together halfheartedly when you’re not feeling it or you just don’t have the time. But you should remember to treat each collaboration as if it’s the most important on your plate. A) it’s not fair to the brand to not give it your best and B) you never know which other brand has their sights set on you for a future campaign and is now checking out your feed or blog.

5. Patience is a virtue
The hardest part of blogging for me is being patient. Brands may take a week to get back to you and sometimes even longer. You may need to send them a followup email…and wait another week. It all takes patience. But remember that there might be a very good reason for a lack of response; your email may have gotten lost in the shuffle, someone may be on vacation, the campaign date got pushed a few months back, or you’re just not the right fit. If a brand ghosts on you, it’s best to followup once and then just forget about it. If they finally email you back and sound enthusiastic, then you know they’re serious and gentle followups are acceptable.

6. Be realistic but expect to be ignored
Every blogger that’s ever pitched a brand has either gotten ignored or rejected. It’s inevitable and a part of blogging. It’s easy to get depressed or frustrated over it but remember it’s a numbers game. In my experience, you may have to send out 5-10 pitch letters to hear back from 2-4. Out of those 2-4, one brand may decide they want to work with you.


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