Spring 2016: 6 Pieces to Wear Now

Spring 2016: 6 Pieces to Wear Now

Spring 2016: 6 Pieces to Wear Now

Whether or not the weather will admit it, we are a few days into spring which means bringing all our warmer weather-friendly outfits out of retirement. It’s hard to remember what pieces we adored months ago because they’re all stashed somewhere or another in the deep crevices of our closets. So let’s discuss the 6 pieces to wear now that you probably already have in your closet from last spring. I love when trends stick around for more than one season.

6 Pieces to Bring Out of Hiding this Spring

1) Espadrilles

Espadrilles reached a new peak last spring with every shade and color available from every single retailer out there. I was so glad I grabbed up a pair and hopefully you did too. Since heavy boots and (sadly) OTK boots are on their way out, these comfortable spring-ready shoes are the perfect replacements for pretty much any outfit you can imagine.

6 Pieces to Bring Out of Hiding this Spring

2) Denim Jackets

I think we can safely assume that everyone has some type of denim jacket in their closet, whether it’s white, blue, chambray, black, whatever. This is their moment to shine so pair them with your boho dresses, tees and light sweaters for a light spring layering.

6 Pieces to Bring Out of Hiding this Spring

3) Pastels

Baby blues, soft pinks and dainty yellows – this is their time to shine, especially with Easter so near. I love my blues and pinks so this sweater has already made its appearance this season. Next up: this pastel pink dress.

6 Pieces to Bring Out of Hiding this Spring

4) White sweaters

You may have already donned a white sweater here and there during winter but I’m bringing mine out full force now. Top with a scarf for extra warmth or a light jacket. I’m especially excited for shorts season because I love sweaters + shorts together!

6 Pieces to Bring Out of Hiding this Spring5) Trench coats

Obviously but seriously, is anyone else as excited as I am to bring out their trench? I’ve had this one for years and I keep telling myself I need a new one but I’m having a hard time getting rid of it. The material is amazing and it does a great job holding its shape. Plus it’s the perfect length.

6 Pieces to Bring Out of Hiding this Spring

6) White jeans

I may have worn white denim once or twice during winter but usually it was my off-white ones and not these bright white Kut pair. The only bad thing about bring these boys out? Having to wash them every wear because inevitably, they will stain no matter how hard I try to avoid it.



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  1. Great list! I think I have everything on your list except a denim jacket… for the last two years I keep saying I’m going to pick one up but I can never find one that I like 🙁 Maybe this will be the year it happens 🙂

    xo, jackie

    1. Really?! You will LOVE having a denim jacket once you find the one. Check Forever 21 for a cheaper option. At least if you don’t love it, you won’t be irritated you spent the money on it. But I think you’ll love it! The one I have pictured above is a Forever 21 find and I didn’t realize just how often I would be wearing it (also, contrary to a lot of F21 pieces, it’s really well made).

  2. Great post! I love that blue jacket in your white jeans post .. and I agree . .. . must wash white jeans every time as I’ve inevitably spilled coffee somewhere !!


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