4 Products That Make Traveling More Organized

I tend to be extremely disorganized when I travel, especially if I’m switching hotels every few days. Usually by the end of a week, my clothes are in complete disarray, I’ve lost at least one thing and I’m not sure where I’ve misplaced my clean underwear. I usually have to reorganize my entire suitcase in the middle of a trip because otherwise, I go crazy. Little by little, I have been devising ways to make travel much more organized, in hopes that I reach the point where I don’t need to spend precious touring time repacking my entire belongings. So here are a 4 products that make traveling more organized for those of you who have similar struggles.


Porte Play is a pro at gadget organization. They have developed several products for classification of charging cords, converters, and anything else related to electronic goods. You can opt for the large organizer which is perfect if you’re traveling with a spouse and you need to store 2 of everything or you can opt for the pull-apart organizer that is perfect if you travel with camera equipment, phone charger and computer charger. This organizer makes me less stressed as I don’t ever have to hunt for my cords again (or lose yet another converter). Porte Play also offers earphone/cord pouches where you can keep your earphones safe and tangle-free. They come in several cute and colorful options as well. Make sure you check out their website to see all that they have to offer!


Because of my extensive skincare routine, I now travel with about 3-4 different small cases: one filled with skincare, another with bath products, another with makeup and one more with random things. It drives me crazy because I can never remember where I’ve stashed things. These beauty organizers have plenty of room for bath products, toothbrushes, makeup and lotions/creams. It’s nice to be able to see it all in front of you and not in 10 different packages.



If you travel a lot, packing cubes are your bff. Don’t just limit them to packing your clothes, they are great for organizing your shoes as well. Usually I pack my clothes in 2 or 3 cubes and then divide out my shoes among the remaining cubes. I love using them for shoes because it keeps my luggage sanitary and it makes packing much more efficient (I used to shove all my shoes into a big cloth bag but they would take up too much room). Make sure your packing cubes are washable because once you return home, you can stick all the cubes used for shoes in the wash. It’s convenient to keep your pants in one, undergarments in another and tops and dresses in a third. You can even reserve one for dirty laundry. You’ll be amazed at how neat and tidy this keeps your suitcase.

Packing Cubes


Finding a good camera or laptop bag (or combo) is so important. If you don’t care about style or quality, it’s pretty easy to find something that works. However, if you want something stylish and you don’t travel with a laptop, opt for Gatta bag’s newest addition. It fits your DSLR and lens comfortably and you can beat its quality and style. Absolutely so cute! If you want something larger that fits both the camera and laptop, you can opt for the backpack on the right. It’s well made and is stylish both for men or women. Note: these also make great gifts!!


*This post is written in partnership with Porte Play. However, all thoughts & opinions are my own.*


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