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4 Delicious Ways to Use Yogurt

If I could name one staple from our refrigerator, I would say it’s yogurt. We love yogurt and we use it in foods and recipes all the time. In fact, we end up skipping breakfast a lot if we don’t have it on hand. Today I’ve decided to share 4 delicious ways to use yogurt ranging from amazing Noosa on-the-go to Middle Eastern recipes.

__Thank you to Noosa Yoghurt for sponsoring today’s post__

Noosa has always been a great producer of creamy yogurt. Their yogurt is a blend of thick tangy creamy yogurt that you feel like you’re eating dessert. I love eating it plain and I also enjoy adding oats or granola and a small serving of fresh fruit. Noosa just recently came out with three tasty flavors in a tub: strawberry hibiscus (a muddled medley of fresh strawberries and aromatic hibiscus), pear and cardamom (an exotic twist of Indian cardamom and stewed Barlett pears), and orange and ginger (a spicy fusion of fresh oranges and fresh minced ginger).

4 Delicious ways to use yogurt

Each tub packs a delicious dose of flavored yogurt to get your morning started off right (or fill you up when you’re craving a snack in the afternoon). I tend to be on the road often so I’m always excited when I come across foods that can travel well with minimal spilling. Noosa‘s tubs all have wide openings which is helpful for those of us who add toppings on our yogurt and I know it sounds totally cheesy, but I love that it has a lid so you can keep the mess at bay once you’re finished (major OCD moment here – I’ve gotten yogurt on the car before and it is NOT a pleasant experience).

4 Delicious ways to use yogurt

Best of all, Noosa is offering you all a coupon for $1 off any of the new flavors!! And if you need help figuring out which one to get, my favorites were a tie between the strawberry & hibiscus and pear & cardamom flavors.

4 Delicious ways to use yogurt


I’ve used yogurt in smoothies often. It makes the smoothie creamy and a bit more filling and it helps you start the day off right with the adequate amounts of probiotics in your system. You can play around with the amount of yogurt used in each smoothie – more if you want a thicker and tangier smoothie and a small scoop if you just want a hint of it. If you’ve never tried the peanut butter oatmeal smoothie on the blog, you’re missing out. It literally is dessert for breakfast.


I use yogurt as a substitute for many things: butter in baked cakes, sour cream based dips and salad dressings but I also love to use it as a substitute for whipping cream for breakfast foods. Try it as a cream in these delicious clump free crepes or as a spread for these gluten free cassava flour waffles.



Arabs use yogurt in so many recipes. In fact, I don’t think it’s much of an exaggeration to say they eat it every day whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner. From being used as an accompaniment to dishes like yebra (stuffed grape leaves) and kibbeh (ground wheat layered with meat) to serving as a crucial ingredient in shishbarak (Middle Eastern “gnocchi”), yogurt can be seen throughout various dishes. As you can imagine, yours truly has already posted a few recipes with yogurt: one my favorite eggplant dishes called mutabal and chicken and rice.



4 Delicious Ways to Eat Yogurt including Noosa's new flavor



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