3 Ways to Style a Drape Cardigan

I loved this cardigan as soon as I laid eyes on it – what I didn’t realize was how often I’d be wearing it. I like the challenge of finding unique new ways to style a piece. It’s always fun to see the results, however commonplace they may be. There’s nothing genius in these three ways but it is exciting to see how different each outfit looks when compared to the other

PINNED – To ensure a secure wrapped and pinned look, wrap the cardigan up higher, towards your neck. You can use any type of pin including brooches to secure the cardigan together.

OPEN – Easy look – add a statement necklace to spruce up the look, especially if your cardigan is a solid color.

BELTED – I wrapped the cardigan lower here. While I wrapped the cardigan up high towards my neck in the pinned look, in this belted outfit, I wrapped it closer to my waist and used a belt of medium thickness to secure it.


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