3 must have travel bags

3 Must Have Bags for Travel

It seems so weak to publish a post on just three travel bags but I really wanted to focus this post on bags I actually use and love so you’re gonna get my top 3 must have bags for travel, no frills attached. These bags can serve as carryons or as personal item bags if you prefer packing your entire vacation into a carryon and need a full sized carryon. They are sleek, multifunctional bags and make great investments for frequent flyers.

1. Arcus technology backpack – $229
Moshi makes some great gear but my favorite is the Arcus. This backpack can be used solo, no additions necessary. However, with the special camera insert (separate purchase), it solves all your tech transport issues. The Arcus has easy access to the laptop area (where you can store 2 laptops comfortably), helpful when you’re going through TSA security and need to remove your laptops. It also has a zillion pockets to store everything you’ve ever owned. Not really, but I do appreciate the zipper on the back which makes a great cash safe, the side camera compartment for easy access to your camera and lenses, the side pocket which you can use to strap a tripod and the hard case at the top to protect any breakables. Also, it’s super sleek which makes it great for those of us gals who try to maintain some level of chicness while we are on the road.

3 Must Have Bags for Travel 3 Must Have Bags for Travel
2. Holssen weekender bag – $199
Holssen makes some amazing leather gear, not just for travel but also for the everyday. I’m focusing on the Laken, this beautiful weekender bag with rugged leather that will only gain charm with age. The Laken comes with a strap that makes it much more portable and useful while you’re juggling suitcases. The handle is also large enough to fit around most suitcase handles for those like me who prefer stacking their carryon above their suitcase.

3 Must Have Bags for Travel 3 Must Have Bags for Travel

3. COYN everyday tote – $345
The last in the trio is this tote which is the most organizational-friendly tote I have ever owned. A few highlights are the elasticized water bottle holder, the key holder (because I’m TERRIFIED of losing my keys when I travel), and the deep interior which doesn’t look as big as it really is. You’ll be amazed at just how much you can stuff in here – the shoes in their example really can fit, along with a scarf, a hat, etc. The leather of the everyday tote is super soft and it’s made in Italy, something we don’t see too often in today’s manufacturing world.

3 Must Have Bags for Travel3 Must Have Bags for Travel




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    1. I’ve heard Cuyana has some great bags! And the camera backpack is awesome – the insert does take up some room so you probably wouldn’t want it for your backpacking trips but for non-backpacking trips, it’s perfect.

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