10 Undeniable Reasons To Use RTA Custom Cabinets

What are RTA Custom Cabinets?

RTA cabinet companies are cabinet companies that send you cabinets that are Ready To Assemble. They ship out by freight but it’s completely up to you to build them with either glue and/or staples. Typically they are a cost-effective option for DIY-ers, providing you with simple cabinets in predetermined sizes to exactly fit the space you are designing. RTA custom cabinets are custom built for your home and space be it a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom design.

Understandably, kitchens are one of the most important rooms in a house as we spend the majority of our hours here either hanging out with our kids, baking cookies or grabbing a quick bite to eat. One of the most crucial aspects of kitchen renovations is figuring out how to source your cabinets. There are so many options out there that it can get overwhelming sifting through all of them. I personally spent hours looking through different makers, visiting shops and trying to get a sense of quality. I also visited some finished installs on various RTA makers to see what the final product looked like. The prices and quality between makers can range so much that it is difficult to find a perfect solution for your space. I finally settled on one and could not be happier.

Cabinet Joint is a company that manufactures RTA custom cabinets to fit your exact specifications unlike many other RTA companies that offer pre-determined sizes that you have to accept and force to fit into your space. After going through the entire process from selection to finishing, I would choose Cabinet Joint every time. The RTA custom cabinets they produce are top-quality throughout and absolutely gorgeous in person. But most importantly, the process is incredibly smooth, largely because you are assigned a cabinet coach from the beginning who helps you every step of the way. The cabinets arrive with a full set of instructions and they have an incredible video library online to guide you through every step and nuance of installation.

If you have not yet considered RTA custom cabinets for your kitchen renovations, here are my top ten reasons to absolutely consider it:

1. You can select the exact layout of your choosing with RTA custom cabinets

When it comes to kitchen renovations, there are a whole slew of things to consider not the least of which is the layout. This is step one to redesigning/designing your kitchen. In our case, we were completely designing a kitchen in a bedroom space but we still had to be able to work within our space limitations. Here are a few before/after photos of the space…

So as you can see, we converted the bedroom into the kitchen, the bathroom into a butler’s pantry and the closet into a laundry room. Cabinet Joint worked with us on all three areas to maximize efficiency of space use while also maintaining a beautiful aesthetic.

The original bedroom space did not have any windows except for one small window so we installed two large windows evenly spaced apart on the blank wall to the left in order to allow more light into the room. While doing this meant a loss of upper cabinet space, we were able to make up for it in the butler’s pantry.

We kept an Old World theme and opted for a natural stone backsplash and an arched antique door (sourced from an auction) leading to the laundry room. Continuing with our theme, we installed two-toned cabinets: white and a white washed oak to complement the all white cabinetry. Cabinet Joint has some great options when it comes to finishes and the alpine white oak in a weathered finish is hands down our favorite, so much so that we almost had the entire kitchen done in it.

RTA custom cabinets kitchen design

2. You can opt for floor to ceiling cabinets

One of the best options that you can choose via RTA custom cabinets are tall pantry cabinets. They make storage a breeze and are a great way to break up monotonously sized upper or lower cabinets. They helped create symmetry and balance in our kitchen as seen below and we opted for glass doors on the uppers vs solid wood doors.

You can also create a similar ceiling to floor look using two cabinets. We did this in an awkward corner of our kitchen that is cramped and a little haphazard looking – so we placed the upper cabinet directly on the countertop and used glass doors on the upper cabinets. There is just enough countertop for this area to serve as a drink bar of sorts.

3. Utilize refrigerator side space by employing a spice cabinet

Admittedly I first saw this type of spice cabinet at a Home Depot. I had never seen one like it before and was pretty amazed by how much storage you can achieve in such a thin profile. My parents have a regular spice cabinet (the pull-out drawer variety) and honestly, it drives me a little crazy trying to rummage through spices at their house.

So while this cabinet is a bit of a splurge and may not be physically possible in every kitchen design, I highly recommend it if you have the space for it and you use your spices daily like I do. We even installed a light switch in it because we had to move an outlet to accommodate the space – the cabinet is much roomier than you would think!

RTA custom cabinets kitchen design with floor to ceiling cabinets

4. Opt for graduated drawers over cabinets with doors

I cannot emphasize enough how much we love our drawers. Prior to this house, I had never experienced how convenient and spacious drawers could be. They hold an inordinate amount of things and are much easier to keep organized than cabinets. If you use your kitchen constantly, then drawers are a key component of your kitchen redesign journey.

Cabinet Joint gave me the option of choosing same-sized drawers or graduated doors. I chose graduated and am happy with that decision as I use my largest drawers for storing pots and pans that otherwise would not have fit into smaller drawers. I’ve allotted my bakeware to the middle drawers. Top drawers are pretty easy to use: silver storage, kitchen towels, food wraps, oven mitts, etc.

RTA custom cabinets kitchen design including graduated drawers

5. RTA custom cabinets can easily create shallow depth cabinets for tight and awkward spaces

The laundry room was by far the most difficult area to try to design. Once we had the washer and dryer in there, we realized just how awkward the space was laid out. Understandable, of course, since it was originally a closet. However, we wanted to make sure the layout continued the aesthetics of the rest of the kitchen and butler’s pantry and so we worked hard to develop a space that not only looked nice but also was usable and efficient.

We thought through different layouts and settled on one that incorporated a sink, tall cabinetry and just the right amount of countertop space. Andrew sketched it out roughly on paper and we sent it over to our Cabinet Joint coach who was able to guide us through the ordering process, converting our rough ideas into exact specs. After the initial design process, everything fell into place and the rest was easy. It’s important to note that the first few cabinets and assembly may prove to be challenging but after a few, assembly really is simple.

I love this space now. Andrew made a shelf and attached a metal bar below it to hang all delicate clothes on. The cabinets are great for storing all my cleaning supplies and detergents. You may or may not notice, but the depth of the sink cabinet is very deep. I find it barely noticeable in a good way – it holds much more than a regular depth cabinet yet it doesn’t look awkward at all.

6. Always go with a built-in trash can cabinet and keep your garbage invisible

If someone asked me what my top recommended cabinet would be, I would have to pick the built-in trash can. In all our homes before this one, we sacrificed storage space and kept the garbage in a small bin under the sink. I know a lot of people don’t mind garbage cans out in the open but it’s one of my personal pet peeves. So if you’re like me, built-in trash cabinets are the way to go – Cabinet Joint uses a double bin cabinet where you can use one for garbage and the other for recycling.

7. Built-in dishwashers help maintain a seamless look

If you opt for RTA custom cabinets, you can choose to have your dishwasher built in as well. It’s a simple panel that you can attach to your panel-ready dishwasher to create a seamless look. While I highly recommend going with a hidden appliance look, I do want to point out that the selection of panel-ready dishwashers are pretty sparse. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you can follow this tutorial on making any dishwasher panel-ready.

8. A butler’s pantry is a powerful workhorse

I use my butler’s pantry all the time. The tall cabinets on the right were already installed before we even began kitchen designing (they were a great marketplace find) and serve as my food storage centers. I opted for white cabinets on the left because matching any other color to them proved to be too difficult. While I have marble countertops along the edges of my kitchen, I opted for a heavy duty granite in the pantry. This is where we make our coffee and I didn’t want to worry about stains and etches.

9. Create a built-in look with a washer/dryer cabinet system

I looked through hundreds of Pinterest-worthy photos for laundry room inspiration and every laundry room I loved had one thing in common: built-in cabinets surrounding the washer and dryer. It just gives a beautiful and complete look to your room. If you want to panel both sides of your appliances, you have that option as well. We did not have the space so we opted for just one side.

10. Multiple sinks and sink cabinets will always be useful

While a butler’s pantry sink may not be necessary for you, we use it all the time as we have family over regularly. It is super convenient when you have several people cooking at the same time. The laundry room sink comes in handy when I have to wash muddy clothes or shoes or toddler hands and sink cabinets always make great storage spaces for things like soaps, detergents, rags, dusters and a myriad of other random household objects.

While you may not consider every single reason I included above as “undeniable”, I would say that the most important features to include are the built-in trash bin, floor to ceiling cabinets and graduated drawers. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen like we do, you will find that these make life so much easier and the kitchen more organized. Cabinet Joint also has many accessories should you choose to go that route. For example: pull out shelves are a welcome addition as are drawer organizers. In conclusion, whatever remodel or design project you’re experiencing, I would recommend looking at RTA custom cabinets namely Cabinet Joint as our experience with them was spectacular.

*While not a sponsored post, Cabinet Joint did gift me with a discount on a few cabinets. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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